Things to do in Kausani, Uttarakhand

Well, there are plenty of things to do in Kausani, but you need to be young at heart to do them all. Especially, have a zest for life. From the fact that you have chosen Kausani to be your stopover in your Uttarakhand sojourn, I assume, you like going off the beaten track. That’s our type of travellers…

Now to find joy around yourself when in Kausani, here’s what you could set out for —

  • Set out on a nature trail immediately after breakfast. A heavy one at that, for, you will need all that energy in the hills. Get help from the manager of the estate you are staying on the hills you could explore. Many of the estates even have nature guides who take you around, telling you about the many legends and the gods and goddesses of the hills…
  • Simply loiter along the narrow roads, flanked by hills on one side and looking into the Himalayas on the other. Stop by to see if you have the strength to pump water from tube wells. Or simply admire the little house with a big garden staring right into the valley below.
  • Lay down on the hills. Think, read, sleep. Listen to the cricket, or the ruffling of leaves. Take all of the Himalaya’s view by the armload and save them in your memory bag for future reference 🙂 I did that…..
  • And I mostly sang, with the snow-capped hills right in front of me, counting the hills upon hills and totalling the number of heaven they make.

We were travelling with friends, and they too, engaged actively in the above activities. Not the overt religious kinds, and hating crowd while on a holiday, we had collectively decided to give the temples and ashrams (Baijnath temple, Lakshmi ashram, Gandhi ashram) a miss….


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