Shopping in Shirdi

Rows and rows of shops selling items of worship line up the street that leads to the Sai Baba Temple in Shirdi. Once there, you really do not need to go anywhere else for items that you may need for your home temple. Or items that you may want to take as gifts for your family and friends back home.

Here’s helping you with a shopping guide that you will find useful when in Shirdi:

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What can you buy at Shirdi? The shops sell Sai Baba’s statues of all sizes. Choose from marble or the fibre ones. You can also buy framed/laminated portraits. There are key rings, rosaries, cloths to be given as the Baba’s shawl, garlands made with fresh flowers and with plastic/cloth flowers, all kinds of dry fruits.

How are the prices at the shops in Shirdi? I personally found them to be quite well priced. You may negotiate a bit and expect the vendors to reduce the prices by 10-20%.

 Are the items good quality at the shops in Shirdi? The price-points should be your guide. If the rates are too less, expect the quality to be same. However, note, I had bought a small marble statue of Sai Baba from one of these shops way back in the year 2009. And it still retains its white colour in my home temple.

Go pick what you need!

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