Where To Eat When In Shirdi? Sher-e-Punjab

It is not very difficult to find an eating joint in Shirdi. The streets leading to the Sai Baba temple is lined with hotels, restaurants and eateries. And therefore, you can choose from any.

The evening we reached Shirdi, we opted for a Food Court right opposite the temple premises. A 3-floor restaurant, we went there despite the lift not working thinking that the food would be good and hygienic. Well, the place was crowded and the food took forever to arrive. This despite telling the staff that we wanted to do the morning Arati at the Temple and would have to wake up at 1pm for it!! Although hungry, we had no appetite for spicy food and hence, ordered some basic Paneer dishes and Rotis. The meal was tasty. But then, took too much of our precious time.

Sher-e-Punjab @Shirdi: For breakfast next morning, we found this Punjabi Dhaba called Sher-e-Punjab, right across the street from where our hotel was. The sight of the man making Paranthas in the tandoor got me there. We ordered Aloo Paranthas, and they were served steaming hot, with a bowl of Yoghurt, Butter and Pickles. Perfect!! Made even better with the cup of Masala Tea.

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All of us unanimously decided that we’d hit the same place for lunch. And enquired  how soon they’d take lunch orders for we had to catch our bus at 12.45 pm. The staff assured us that time wouldn’t be a problem. Since it was too early for lunch, we ordered 1 Thali for 2 peopl. Right decision, for the quantity was more than enough. The usual fare of Dal, Veggies, Paneer, Rotis and Rice saw us full enough for the 8 hour journey ahead of us.

Strongly recommend Sher-e-Punjab. Food is fresh and the place is as clean as can be in a transit town like Shirdi.

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