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Jayant and I seldom agree on anything. Though almost 10 years now, we are still far from a life of peaceful co-existence, thanks to our differing opinions, interpretations and near-constant bickering and swearing. The only thing perhaps that has been instrumental in keeping our marriage steady this far is our love for travel and food. Both of us love both of these. Relations and friends accuse us of having ‘wheels on our feet’ because of our regular/frequent escapades. And that’s why we started this travel blog – Wheels On Our Feet, fondly, WOOF, to share our wonderful travel and food experiences from around the country and globe.

Mumbai is close to our heart, and hence, a dedicated category!! Find here the best of restaurants, shops, places to simply loiter around.

And finally, a word of caution to those readers who judge everything in money’s worth. Truly, there are some things that money can’t buy – we will try to enrich you with those opportunities every once in a while.

Bon Voyage!!

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27 thoughts on “About WOOF


    We are planning to visit London next year ,Can you s please uggest a way of having a good time with a limited budget infact a shoe string budget , also let us know al the things that we should see and the places we should visit , Any nice place where we can stay and is affordable in a small budget. I will be extremely grateful for your comments and help.

  • Hero

    Seem like you’ve travel to different parts of the continents. I’ve been to Mumbai and Goa before about 10 years back. I miss their beaches and food!

  • Abhik M

    Deepa-Buro, I don’t know how I reached to this site but thrilled to find it! Good photos, mouth watering descriptions!
    Why don’t you plan for a visit us. We will introduce you to African cuisine with French influence!
    Some game ride too!
    Let us know!

    • jayantadeepa

      African cuisine with French influence is an irresistible offer!! We’d love to go to Rwanda. Promise to do it soon.
      We are very happy you found our blog. Do sign in for the emails so that you get to read them regularly. And thank you too for your encouraging words.
      Best regards,

      • annetbell

        If you go to my page you will see an example. If you have some blogs you want to honor. You will start a new blog post, copy and paste the images of the awards or just one, Follow the example of my page. List the blogs you want to honor. You will have to notify each blogger. The first one I ever did, I just nominated a few. Type the message that I had on WORD DOCUMENT and included the post where you have announced the awards. Copy the message and then go to the blogger’s about page and copy and paste it to notify them.If this doesn’t make sense, you don’t have to do it. Just post the ward on your award page, if you have one. And you don’t have to do anything. If you have more questions, I will try to help in anyway I can. I remember being terrified the first time. Namaste. . .

  • Sreerupa Sanyal

    Really nice to come across your blog, I came across your blogpost North Kolkata Heritage Tour … I myself am from North Kolkata yet never had pleasure of visiting all the place… I have Jorasanko and Marble palace but that was in childhood. Very nice blog… You guys should come over to South Africa and cover this beautiful country too.

  • Poonam

    Just came across your blog on tripadvisor and was very happy to read the same, we are planning a trip to Sri Lanka in end November and I am also very passionate about cooking and crockery. I have heard a lot about Noritake shopping in Sri Lanka and am very excited to visit the same during my trip. I have no idea about the prices though, can you please tell me approximately how much did it cost for a 32piece dinner set in INRS or LKR,if you dont mind.

    • WOOF

      Hi Poonam,
      Thanks for writing in. Well, you get all ranges there — they start from the basic INR 15,000 levels to those that go into lakhs. We went to the factory outlet near Kandy. They had a decent collection. And cater to all price ranges. We bought quite a few things. Even got a few pieces for gifts to family and close friends.
      Hope this will help.