Best Shantiniketan Itinerary and Blogs

Is it mandatory to be in love with the Bard in order to visit Shantiniketan? Or is the traveller’s lust enough justification for booking your tickets for the place? I wondered, noticing the deluge of visitors when we were there during the famous Poush Mela in December. The little town is taken over by the Bard’s lovers and those too who are drawn in by curiosity.

Poush Mela had been a dream since childhood. And so was Shantiniketan.  Over a 3-day trip in the last week of December, this dream finally turned into reality. Reproduced here, in a series of posts, are my experiences from the ‘ranga maati’ (red soil) of the Bard’s home. Should you plan to take one such trip, these posts will help you plan the best time, the best home-stay, the best way to discover him all over again…

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All about Poush Mela

Sight-seeing around Bolepur

Tour of Bolepur’s villages

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