Touring Srijani Shilpagram in Shantiniketan

Tour of Srijani Shilpagram in Shantiniketan, West Bengal

Srijani Shilpagram is a place that showcases the homes, lifestyle, handicrafts of the Eastern and North-Eastern states in India. Spread across sprawling grounds, the place is designed to be a hub for rural artisans to sell their fabrics, handicrafts. A government initiative, Srijani Shilpagram started in 2008 and includes representation from states such as West Bengal, Odisha, Bihar, Sikkim, the seven sisters in North-East and Andaman Nicobar islands too.

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We’d recommend you go to Srijani Shilpagram to get a taste of East and North-East India’s richness and diversity. Here is what to expect:

  1. What is most striking about Srijani Shilpagram are the traditional huts of all the different states in East and North-East India. It is an absolute delight to see the mud, bamboo, straw huts with beautiful murals on the walls and exhibits of daily life in the grounds outside.
  2. Fabrics, sarees, dresses and handicrafts of these states are available at the stalls close by. The rates are negotiable.
  3. A tour of the whole place takes about 2 hours. And no, you do not need a guide for Shilpagram.
  4. Shilpagram is not very far. And rickshaw-puller can bring you here for about Rs 100.
  5. There is a stall where you can buy snacks and water.

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