Restaurant Review: IMBISS in Colaba, Mumbai

Imbiss Bandra for me has been a ‘dream come true’ destination – to be only surpassed by its larger, original outlet in Colaba. What makes the Colaba outlet superior is their exhaustive menu that a ‘pure non-vegetarian’ like me can only dream of in India.

Ambience of IMBISS in Colaba: Is informal, a tad bigger than their Bandra outlet, tucked away in one of the sub-lanes of Colaba beyond Theobroma. The exact address is the 4th Pasta Lane – we kept looking out for it immediately upon crossing Theobroma .

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Food at IMBISS in Colaba: It is not easy at Imbiss. I mean, it is no easy to choose from the menu at Imbiss. It’s bloody difficult actually … it took me more than 15 minutes to decide on the main course as I wanted to order everything!!! It had to be our favourite Pork Spare Ribs for starters…For mains, we wanted something different. They sadly have only one lamb main that my wife ordered – ‘Lamb Sausage …’ and we, me and my equally carnivore-loving niece, couldn’t still make up our minds when the starter was served. A stern “Hurry Up” from Deepa made me decide for Pork Crackers and Roast Beef along with Beer.

The Pork Spare Ribs, as always, were the melt-in-the-mouth variety. Slightly low on salt though and the serving smaller and more expensive than their Bandra outlet. But we weren’t complaining! In fact, ordered another plate as take away. The Pork Cracker came with 6-7 mouth-watering crackers, a large chunk of meat alongside with Mash & veggies. Frankly, it was one of the best pork dish I have had in ages. Was a quite 10 minutes experience with only oohs and aaahs being heard. The Roast Beef was extremely filling with a whole lot of veggies and a lip-smacking sauce. Deepa loved the lamb dish, although, was too small a serving to qualify for mains. She kept picking veggies from my plate.

They had some regular desserts such as Cheesecake and Brownies, which we didn’t want to order. Had to run the half marathon the next day, and felt that the protein pile up was more than advisable. No point piling on calories..;-)

Final Word on IMBISS, Colaba — We will be back … again  & again till we tick off the all items in the menu card!

A must visit for all meat lovers. Wish they would open in Powai. Please do!