Review: Theobroma Patisserie In Colaba,Mumbai

Don’t know what’s with me and the first restaurants of any chain. No matter how good the other joints, I simply have to eat at the one which came first and which earned a patronage so big that it had to open branches in other areas of the city. Happens to me all the time with Oh Calcutta in Tardeo, Indigo Deli in Colaba, Café Mangi in Khar and scores of others. And of course Theobroma in Colaba! A must-eat in Mumbai, dear Travel Lovers.

Theobroma Colaba

Ah, the iconic patisserie in Mumbai! It’s a must-visit for visitors and residents alike. It finds a stellar mention in TripAdvisor too. Such is its fame. Its cakes, brownies, chocolates, cronuts, cookies, macaroons, breads, danish, cupcakes and savories have entered the Hall of Fame in Mumbai’s desserts circuit.

A tiny outlet in Cusrow Baug, Colaba, I have never found the place without its everyday share of regulars. Getting a table is almost like a dream-come-true!! No exaggerations here. Go there anytime, you may have to contend with a takeaway.

I particularly like their fruit pastries. Their entire range of desserts and savories is every bit a MUST. So, when the dessert bug bites you and you are in South Mumbai, you know where to go.
Coming back to what I started with – my complete disenchantment with branches of a restaurant I so love. Can’t help it. Hence, even though Theobrama opened shop in Powai (where I live), I’d rather drive down 20-25kms and have my black forest at the place where it all started!!!

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