Breakfast at Baker Street In Pondicherry

Our first breakfast in Pondicherry had been where we were staying. At the Sea-side Guest House. Simple and basic food, but we had loved it there. On the second morning though, we wanted to walk down to the Baker Street – the famous joint in Poindicherry known for its delectable French-style breakfast menu.

Located just after the canal, Baker Street is a little away from the French Colony. It’s about a 10-15 minute walk from the Pondicherry Promenade, and since it was morning, we decided to walk it in order to build up a good appetite.

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Ambience of Baker Street in Pondicherry: It is just like any other café, with cheerful interiors and close to 7-8 tables. Mostly self-service, the lady at the counter never smiled even once in all the time that we were there — neither while taking the breakfast specs of the guests, nor when they were served. Ask for a fork or Tomato Ketchup, and she will simply point to the counter where they are kept. Again, no smile.

Food at Baker Street in Pondicherry: but the options for breads and breakfast does astound you. They have everything from burgers to quiches to flute breads to hot dogs to croissants; a whole lots of tempting chocolates just as you enter the place; and then the usual tarts and pastries and cookies, all vying for your eyes and tongue!

We ordered breads and omelette and a spinach quiche for our daughter, over some watermelon juice. Request for stuffed omeletes were promptly turned down, and we were told that they served just plain omelettes. All right, so we settled for plain omelettes.

Final Word for Baker Street in Pondicherry: Food is super there. So are the options. If you can ignore the lack of warmth of the staff, you will surely like the place. Prices are on the higher side though!


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