Best Time To Visit Bhutan

Visit Bhutan during Spring: We chose May, since that was the only time we get a long break from Ridi’s school. Two weeks end-May suited us best. This meant that we’d be in Bhutan in the last leg of Spring. Spring starts around end March here and Bhutan is full of flowers everywhere for the next 2 months — in the trees, plants and meadows. We saw enough to have a heart’s fill — every Jacaranda in Punakha had been rendered lilac when we were there. It was lilac again at the Phobjikha Valley — the Primulas were in full bloom here. The hills of Gantey had red, pink, yellow Rhododendrons. It was roses, lillies, every everywhere. Flower lovers, this is when you should come to Bhutan. The country is in full bloom at this time. Do note that most part of Bhutan starts getting the pre-monsoon showers from May onwards. Drizzles, light showers every now and then is common. This, in no way, hampers your sight-seeing plans though. On the contrary, the showers spice it up with a little drama in the sky and in the hills. There is so much peace and joy to see the clouds and hills play hide and seek.

Visit Bhutan in Autumn: That’s the period between mid-August to end October. Residents consider this time to be the best, as the country turns even greener after the protracted rains of June, July and August, the skies are sharp blue and its like picture postcards everywhere you look. Makes for some of the best shots of the Dzongs, Monastries, country-sides. Plus, it is also the time of the numerous festivals in Bhutan. Travelers looking for a good dose of Bhutanese culture, colourful dances and riveting music from the hills, an Autumn odyssey will be very rewarding.

Visit Bhutan during Winters? Only if you are not scared of the biting chill, and only if you are willing to enjoy the snow everywhere. Skiing enthusiasts, great place!! 

Visit Bhutan during the rains? Nah! What’s the use? You won’t be able to see much or get anywhere that easily.

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