A Holiday in Coorg (Karnataka, India)

We had long been enticed by tales of Coorg’s coffee plantations, nature trails, early morning birds’ watching tours, its food, its beauty and its quietude. A holiday there, then, was imperative. And so, chose September, just when the monsoons were on the wane, to spend three days there.

What strikes you most about Coorg is its natural wealth – its flora and fauna. We stayed at Orange County which boasts of providing one of the best ‘nature’ experience in Coorg. Not without reason. They did tell us that taking care of nature is knitted into their mission. And you could see it in everything they did. Almost 80% of their property has been left untouched, the way it always used to be, a part of the surrounding jungles. Fruit trees abound, pepper corn vines and coffee plants are but their very identity, the wide range of tropical flowers, both wild and exotic, can convert the most disenchanted of hearts.


It was, therefore, so easy to fall in love with Coorg.  We lost ourselves to its beautiful mornings and evenings, its gastronomical delights and shopping options. Should you plan a trip to Coorg, the following posts will help shape up your itinerary and plans. Simply click the links to read in details:


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