Food Tales of Coorg

Food, in Coorg, is an essential part of the whole experience … we are firm believers of the fact that you can never ever enjoy a new country / place unless you try the local food.

The Kodavas (that’s what the locals in Coorg are called) are predominantly non-vegetarians and are pork eaters. And do they know how to cook it!! It is an essential part of their meal and not restricted to only one meal. We had a hearty time partaking in the ‘Kodava delights’ during our Coorg holiday!

Since we were staying at the Orange County with all the meals built into the package, we ate only in their restaurants. They have 3 restaurants — Granary, Peppercorn and a veg place. We ate mostly at Granary, a multi-cuisine buffet  restaurant. Peppercorn, is more barbeque-oriented and has a fixed menu for lunch. We avoided the pure-veg restuarant since we are ‘pure non-vegetarians’! The food at Granary was just amazing – with an excellent variety and taste to match. Usual meal – two non-veg starters, live counters, 4-5 main courses and some continental options like pasta etc. The ‘Ethnic Food’ section is the most interesting and a must have … with Pandi Curry / Fry (Pork) served with rice balls, and other Coorg delights including deserts.

Peppercorn has a fantastic view of the lake and the plantation beyond. Most delightfully, it is not crowded during lunch hour… The food here was good but made to order from a fixed menu and takes a little time … not a problem when you are visit this place for sure as nobody is in a hurry. We did not try this place for dinner as it usually was for special occasions (special ‘Dinner for Two’) and has a 200 bucks cover charge per head (which I found a little odd keeping in mind that you are already paying 2K+ for food per head every day). Poolside villas have options of dining next to your own room, quite romantic in fact.

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