Day Trip from Manilla to Taal Lake, Phillippines

Day Trip from Manilla to Taal Lake

After the Pasanjan Falls (Read: Day trip to Pasanjan Falls), the second most popular day trip from Manila is to Taal Lake. Famous for having the smallest active volcano in the world, the T

aal Volcano, right in the center, the lake has an island, which has a volcanic crater lake with a small island inside. Ok … confusing….

The Taal lake drive is about 2+ hours ride with not a great view till you hit the Talisay, Batangas town. The view of the lake and the bay like area then onwards is beautiful….

The lake is about 230 sq km and it is the experience of crossing it in a motorised outrigger which is amazing. Be warned that its very windy there and the ride being very bumpy, you will get wet. Keep your DSLR cameras in a waterproof bag and keep it under the plastic sheets provided.

After a fun ride to Talisay, you can choose to hike for about 30 minutes through a very dusty trail to the view point. We, lazy bones, took mules and the ride was fun. Bring or buy face masks there – a must for the dust.

Once at the top, you will get a 360-degree view of the lake and the islands. The crater lake itself is quite stunning and there are a couple of nice points for taking pictures.

Day Trip from Manilla to Taal Lake

Charges for the boatride is approx. Php 2000 / 6 people or lower. Horse/Mule ride another 500 Php / person.

Enjoy a local lunch on the lake front and watch fishermen catching Tilapias nearby before you head back!

Day Trip from Manilla to Taal Lake

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