Tour of Galle Fort, Sri Lanka

Galle is almost on the southernmost tip of Sri Lanka. It is famous for its fort that had been built by the Portuguese way back in the 16th century, and then, later, taken over by the Dutch. Signs of the Dutch occupation is still very pronounced in the premises of the fort. The fort is actually on a peninsula covering approximately 150 acres of land.

Undoubtedly scenic from the imposing ramparts, the inside too is a place of wonder for the lovers of history. There are two gates to the fort – one for entry and the other for exit. With ample parking space outside, park your van and start the walk from the entrance gate.

Extremely well maintained, you will come across the Dutch Reformed church. Bang opposite is the National Maritime Museum which used to be the warehouse for stores once upon a time. Walking along the paved road will bring you to the ramparts of the fort, with the sea on one side and a Mosque, Lighthouse and beautifully restores houses on the other side.

Walking along its narrow alleys transports you to another world. You will find here signs of Dutch architecture and style, boutique hotels and charming restaurants, curio shops. A laid back life in full display, you too must take it easy for the place to penetrate into you.

We went to the Galle Fort twice – first, in the evening of 31st Dec when the place was bustling with tourists and an entire promenade was converted into a fair ground with food stalls on one side, and stage set of traditional dances on the other side. Sunset from the ramparts, was divine. Considering it was the last sunset of the year, we loitered around there for a long time admiring the changing colour of the skies and the majesty of the sea. The next morning, we came back to the Fort immediately after breakfast, and much to our delight, found the streets empty, the church bells ringing, the choir playing. And thus began our 2016….

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