A Beach-Holiday in Ganapatiphule (Maharashtra,India)

Ganapatiphule in Maharashtra

This January, we shall complete 8 years of living in Mumbai. In the span of these 8 years, we went from being immigrants to residents. Happily. Mumbai has given us some of our richest experiences, moments. And yet, it is a process of constant discovery — From its wares to its food to its history to its buildings to its neighbourhoods to its nearby, mofussil towns and villages.

Ganapatiphule has been one such discovery. Popularly touted as an ‘attractive weekend getaway’ from Mumbai, we, frankly, found it to be much much more than that. And wished, dearly, to spend more time that what we had scheduled for. A weekend is just not enough. In any case, a trip toGanapatiphule from Mumbai can never be done over a Saturday and Sunday. Read, never! For,Ganapatiphule is a little more than 300 kms away from Mumbai, thereby making it a 7-8 hour drive. A one-day stay is, therefore, mandatory. We had done just that — drove off in the morning of Diwali, stayed there the next day, and drove back on the day of Bhai Duj. Making it a woefully short and inadequate trip. We did try to stay back – called up a few hotels nearby to find out if rooms were available. But being the Diwali week/weekend, there was absolutely no scope for an extension. And so, we insist, and implore – Should you plan a trip to Ganapatiphule, plan for a minimum 2-day stay. That’s a 4-day holiday.

And No, we aren’t getting carried away. There’s really so much to do out there. Like — combing the beach (they have an aweful lot of them, absolutely pristine and sparkling), waking up with the sun to see the dance of the seagulls, going for a bare-feet jog alongside the relentless waves, admiring the countryside rendered brown by the autumn sun, catching the sunset standing on a cliff. Did I forget to mention bathing in the sea? Well, that’s because, I don’t much enjoy doing that. But the hubby and the daughter more than make up for my disinterest.

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