Gagar — 7th Halt in our Uttarakhand Road-trip

Hotel Review: Soulitude in Gagar, Uttarakhand, India

The final halt in our Uttarakhand roadtrip, Gagar is a tiny dot some 9-10 kilometers ahead of Nainitaal. The reason we chose the place was because we didn’t want to drive straight 8-9 hours from Binsar to Pantnagar. Gagar, with promises of ‘there is nothing much to do here’, seemed to be the perfect stop.

Drive from Binsar to Gagar: Via Almora and Nathuakhan, Gagar is about 90 kilometers a downhill drive from Binsar (Read: Binsar — 6th halt in our Uttarakhand road-trip). That meant, it would be a hot and dusty drive. Thankfully, dreading the dusty roads, we had booked an AC car, which stood us in good stead after Nathuakhan – the road was being repaired here and hence, in a kucchastate for quite a good bit until Gagar. On the way from Binsar, I had hoped to buy some local/traditional handicrafts from Almora. However, our cab driver wasn’t willing, or so I felt, since he warned us that the handicrafts shops were all inside the Almora town, and that, going in would mean an hour more to the journey. Plus, our hotel atGagar had called to say that lunch would be kept ready for us. And so, we gave shopping a miss, heading straight for Gagar.

Mostly a scenic drive, it gets even more picturesque after Nathukhan. The hills are dotted with beautiful cottages, summer homes of the city folks. We, admit, went green with envy. A little cottage by the hillside with flower and fruit trees is our ultimate dream!!!

Hotel Review: Soulitude in Gagar, Uttarakhand, India

Staying at the Soulitude in Gagar: The 3-day blissful stay at the Grand Oak Manor had probably set the tone, or was it the distress over the fact that our holiday was drawing to an end? Both, I think. And so, when we reached our hotel in Gagar, a boutique one at that, we were quite sure, we’d make the most of the remaining two days and two nights. The Manager told us that we could go for a couple of treks here and there, but we were sure we didn’t want to step out. We simply wanted to while away the remaining moments doing nothing. The idea was to savor the lovely place, loiter around the garden, park ourselves here or there with a book or a chat, make a list of who all to meet and what all to buy while at the one-day stopover at Delhi (Read: Review of Soulitude in Gagar, Uttarakhand)

Hotel Review: Soulitude in Gagar, Uttarakhand, India

Things to do in Gagar: Well, that’s a misnomer. There is nothing to do in Gagar. Other than gaze into the hills and Himalayas. And go trekking.

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