Review of Africa Veterans Safari Tour-Operator

Drive From Nairobi to Naivasha, Kenya

Africa Veterans Safari were our tour operators for the Naivasha and Maasai Mara trip. The day we landed in Nairobi, they called us to confirm our tour booking and also advised us to be ready by 8am the next morning, so that we could set out for Naivasha.

While still at our breakfast table at our hotel the next morning (Read: Review – Hotel Sarova Panafric in Nairobi ), the hotel staff informed us that our jeep and guide had already arrived. Dot on time. The manager had come along that he coldbrief us once again about the itinerary and introduce Danielle to us, who would be our guide cum driver for the next 5 days.

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Africa Veterans Safari tour operators gave us a 8-seater beast of a jeep, equipped with 2 binoculars, one book each on birds and animals of the region, a carton full of water bottles and 3 Safari hats! We were all set to explore, discover and be bewitched! Throughout our tour, first at Naivasha and then at Maasai Mara, the jeep would be cleaned every morning and water bottles re-stocked for the day. The jeep was the perfect beast to take us to the grasslands, meander through its many designated roads and show us the best possible sights.

Danielle, our guide cum driver, was a gem of a guy. He knew both Naivasha and Maasai Mara like the back of his palm…and guided us to the best sightings during the many safaris. His sharp eyes and sharp ears didn’t miss any animals, and on all occasions, our jeep was the first to discover a pride of lions or that leopard on the tree or that hyena far away or the rhino behind the bush, the lions mating, the zebras looking out for lions…Owing to him, our Naivasha and Maasai Mara safaris felt like scenes straight out of the National Geographic channel.

Highly recommend the Africa Veterans Safari tour operators!

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