Why You Must Eat At Bachelorr’s in Mumbai!

Review: Bachelorr's in Mumbai

Bachelorr’s is synonymous with Mumbai, much like Bade Miyan or Vada pav or Prithvi. Yes, Bachelorr’s is an institution. You cannot be a Mumbaikar if you have not snacked or dined at Bachelorr’s. And in case you were a visitor in Mumbai, remember very clearly, that your Mumbai visit was grossly incomplete if had not done a Bachelorr’s sortie. Period.

Just in case you want to write me off as another of those strong-worded food lover, ask the next Mumbaikar you meet about Bachelorr’s and see what he/she has to say about the place.

All you have to do for your baptism is, pull up your car at this small street-joint opposite Chowpatty in Marine Drive, and order for their Mumbaiya Sandwiches or Fresh Juices or seasonal Fruits in Cream or Ice-creams or all. We prefer the local sandwich followed by the sinful fruits in cream. The Mumbaiya Sandwich is for around Rs 150 and can fill you up for 2 meals together! What’s more? One plate sandwich comes with one small bottle of water and two small packets of potato and banana chips!

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Jayanta swears by their Green Chilli Ice-Cream, but I go for Strawberries in Cream or Mangoes in Cream. Their Sitaphal (Custard Apple) in Cream isn’t all that great – prefer the Custard Apple Cream at Haji Ali Juice Centre any day.

I told you right at the beginning that all you need to do is pull up your car in front of the joint. The staff will come to your car to take your order and deliver in the car too, along with tissues and ketchup bottles. That’s the Mumbai style of street dining! Make sure you enjoy it once at least!!!

2 thoughts on “Why You Must Eat At Bachelorr’s in Mumbai!

  • Dee

    Well, I’ve been in Mumbai for 3 years and sadly haven’t tried it yet. Definitely next time. Thanks 🙂

    Though I love gorging on a similar fare at Amar Juice Centre in Vile Parle.

    • WOOF Post author

      hey! Amar Juice is our favourite too. Bachelorr’s has exactly the same fare and experience. Only that, it is more iconic. And the ice-creams there are most famous! 🙂

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