Hotel Review: Hotel Olathang in Paro, Bhutan

After a 8-hour drive from Gantey, we reached Paro at around 9 in the night. Tired from a hot and dusty journey, we wanted to hit the bed. But not before a good hot shower and a good dinner. Jayanta had already warned me that the hotel in Paro wouldn’t be as exotic as the ones we stayed in Gangtey or Bumthang or Punakha or Thimpu. Hmm, honestly speaking, I did get worried. We were to be stationed in Paro for 2 nights, and a good hotel is a must, I found telling myself.

How is Hotel Olathang in Paro, Bhutan? Well, the property is huge. Reminded me of the olden days Tourism Department hotels in India – located in the best of places, amidst sprawling greenery, is spacious, but not well maintained.

The same is somewhat true of Hotel Olathang. Our’s was a spacious cottage a little away from the building that had the reception and restaurant. A huge living cum bedroom, a separate dressing area, a shower with a bath and a verandah overlooking the rice plains, our cottage was just that perfect one, cosy and personal.

What it lacked though was that complete spic and span feel. The end to end red carpet looked as though it could have done with a round of vacuuming, the dustbin was an open one (I hate it), the almirah in the dressing room looked like it hadn’t been dusted. Jayanta accuses me of being nit-picking. I am, maybe…

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How is the Food at Hotel Olathang in Paro, Bhutan?  Once again, a huge restaurant that served buffet. We found many Indian tourist groups occupying large tables. Owing to the huge number of Indian tourists, the food you get at Hotel Olathang is completely Indian. A complete home-away-from-home types with the usual naans, butter chicken, paneer pasanda, gajar ka halwa, Indian-style salad, papad and et all. We, who love country specific cuisine, we hugely disappointed!!

Breakfast, too, had the regular Indian spread. Noisy, crowded, too much of food everywhere, we hurried through our food in order to escape the cacophony!

One word about the staff though – extremely polite and helpful, one of them pointed out that I was wearing my Kira the wrong way, and helped me tie it properly. The team also did their best to get us the right drink and food.

Final Word on Hotel Olathang in Paro, Bhutan: Not our type of place, despite the beautiful grounds, lovely trees. It caters to the general tourist, lacks personal touch, is noisy and crowded. We like quitter places….