Ramadan Feast in Bangalore (Mosque Road in Frazer Town)

Ramadan Feast in Bangalore's Mosque Road in Frazer Town

Listen, I had promised last year that I’d be back to the Mosque Road in Frazer Town in Bangalore for the Ramadan Feast. Wouldn’t it be a sin of the highest proportions then, if the Foodie didn’t keep his Food-promise?

Knowing that a friend from Mumbai was in Bangalore too, I called him and he promised to join me for Mosque Road raid in the evening with his colleague.  Mosque Road is still the ‘Meating place’ i remembered from last year and perhaps, bigger, this year!! Despite the ‘Rainy Tuesday evening’, the place was jam packed …  Kebabs of all types, Haleem & Biryani joints  vied for our taste-buds and stomach. But, seasoned by now, we wanted the ‘different’ stuff.  And so started our odyssey with:

  • The Brain Puff at Albert Bakery, a speciality of this area during Ramadan. They replace meat with Brain Fry and is easily one of the tastiest puffs I have ever had. We wished we could eat a few more, but then had to reserve room in the stomach. Let this be the ‘appertif’, we agreed!!
  • Next, we eyed the Afghani & Hyderabadi Tikkas (both beef) at one staff. And were satisfied with the succulent, melt in the mouth variety.
  • Now time for the local speciality – camel meat! Directed to the roadside stalls, we found Camel Meat aplenty — tikkas, kebabs, bhuna (fried) etc. The Sheekhs were absolutely awesome – strong flavor yet juicy and soft.
  • Next round was Paththar Kebabs (beef fillets grilled over hot stones) followed by ‘Teetar’ (Quails) and Veal Tikkas (deep fried) – every item unique and delicious.
  • Next stop – Beef & Chicken Samosas – the former a disappointment as it was served cold.
  • Across the road at the bigger, permanent outlet called Charminar, we sauntered for the Mutton Sheekh, Lemon Chicken Kebab & Prawn Tikkas. The prawn was simply outstanding with a strong tandoori flavour; the Mutton Tikka, a little dry but amazing taste none the less.
  • This was followed by their Jalebis and some of us had the special ‘Suleiman Chai’ which is nothing but the local name for lemon tea.

Even after all these, Shubho, my friend from Mumbai, was still hungry (!!). Guess, it was the experience that still hungered!  We went back in search of Chicken Paththar Kebab but found only mint-flavoured Beef ones. Gobbled whatever we got.

And finally, it was time for the customary Phirni, without which any Iftar Feast is incomplete!

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Tips for Ramadan Feast in Bangalore (Mosque Road in Frazer Town): A must visit if you are in Bangalore this month:

  • Every item costs between Rs. 50-100 — it’s light on the pocket but heavy on the stomach.
  • For the best experience, go in a group so that you can taste everything – else you will be cursing your appetite for letting you down!!
  • Follow this up with a coke and a couple of antacids, in order to ease the ‘morning after’
  •  Take an auto/cab to Frazer Town. Believe me, you wouldn’t want to drive after a meal there!

We left in order to catch some sleep before Argentina met Netherlands a few thousand kilometres away in another part of the planet. But not before promising yet again — Next Year too to Mosque Road in Frazer Town, Bangalore during Ramadan !!! And every year ever after!!


Check our FB page for more photographs from Mosque Road — https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.815092245176054.1073741872.614194985265782&type=1

8 thoughts on “Ramadan Feast in Bangalore (Mosque Road in Frazer Town)

  • abantika

    Wow! Made the mistake of reading your piece just before lunch time–my stomach’s growling! Had no idea you could get camel meat in India. Excellent description and very nice pics, too.

  • Subhabrata Biswas

    The food was simply awesome – thanks for mentioning this place and taking us along, Jayanta. On our next trip to Bangalore, let’s do an appam-mutton stew binge. That is another heavenly experience. I’ll call a mallu foodie friend of mine to guide us along.

    • WOOF Post author

      It was my pleasure. Thank You Subhabrata for being so adventurous and enjoying it all!!
      Appam-Mutton stew is a great idea. Remember having it at a joint near Brigade Road a few years back. Next time definitely!!! 😀

    • WOOF Post author

      Hi Bal,

      The streets are full of Ramadan food only during the Ramadan period. After that, it’s business as usual for them. Go anytime after 8.30pm…they stay open well into midnight.

  • Anonymous

    Its really sad that the stalls have been shifted to the playground and opened only a few hours ,due to the complaints raised by the local ,traffic jam and lack of sanitation were
    beer bottles were thrased near the mosque.

    • WOOF Post author

      Oh, have they? Pity! But understand that the crwod can get harrowing for residents …..

      We Indians are bad with hygiene and cleanliness, aren’t we? Absolutely no regard for basics…terrible!

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