Kyleakin Bed & Breakfast at Ceol Na Mara, Scotland

Ceol na Mara -- Homestay in Scotland

The sun set behind the bridge, firing up the clouds gathered in the western sky. Andrew had been right. It was a glorious sunset. He had advised us to stand by the bayside if we were keen enough. I was. I always am, with sunrises and sunsets. But there was a problem. It was very very chilly outside and i didn’t have the guts to stay out. So i reluctantly came in, only to be pleasantly surprised. Our room had a view into the bay area with the sole window overlooking the bridge. And we caught the sun calling it a day in a colourful riot. It’s exactly 9.40 pm.


We are at Kyleakin at Ceol-na-Mara, off the Loch Alsh in Sotland. That’s Lake Alsh, very close to the famous Isle of Skye. The temperature reads 10 degrees outside but to me, it feels like minus 30!! I was never used to cold anyway, so what if I am a Shillong born! And this cold? No way!

But all about Isle of Skye and the picturesque Scotland in later blogs. Tonight’s will be on our bed and breakfast stop-over for tonight. Can’t stop raving about the place. It’s so charming. Instead of a garden (which is usual in this part of the world), the owners have done up the porch with miniatures of every conceivable animal and fairy-tale character. My five-year old had a gala time pointing them out to me right from the time we opened the gates. And then there were more inside the house!



Our room is on the first floor, and we noticed that there were just two more rooms. So they operate with just three rooms, I told myself. Heavily carpeted, I figured that’s how they keep the chill out. Then came the biggest surprise of all — our room was done up all so beautifully that my daughter screamed out ‘a princess’s room’, in delight. Have to admit she was right. The beddings were done up with beige coloured frilled laces. The chairs had satin upholstery. Beautiful.

But what made me write this blog this late into the night despite touring the whole day, is the detailing that has gone into making this place so cosy and warm. The tea area has been provided with every type of tea bag and sugar pouch. So what’s so different? Well, the fact that they have provided bone china cups and saucers for that early morning tea, hot chocolate pouches and mugs, a horlicks pouch. Never saw so much detailing even in a 5-star! The room heaters are in place, much to my relief. But guess what? They have a fan too! God knows for what! Do they use fans in Scotland when the temperature rises to 15 degrees ? Kidding 🙂




The house-keeper has taken our breakfast order for tomorrow morning. We chose the ‘full Scottish breakfast’ pure out of temptation and curiosity, but stuck to cereals for our daughter.Well, tomorrow’s going to be another day. And we will tell Andrew, our driver cum guide, that we did see the sunset.

As we slip into our cosy quilts, we agree that 110 pounds for the night was worth it after all. Goodnight.