Dining at the Banga Bhavan’s Canteen in Delhi

Banga Bhavan’s restaurant is run by Bijoli Grill. Basic, but a clean restaurant, we landed there on a Sunday afternoon. And found that they make the Bengali Biryani only for the weekends. I of course didn’t need to look at the menu after this, but Jayanta, wanted his Kosha Mangsho (Mutton in a thick gravy) and some Fish Fries — he requested for the Fish Orley and Fish Fry. Both the fries came first and were just perfect. The Kashundi (mustard sauce) they serve must be the most potent food item in the whole world — that’s strong and that full of flavour it was…shakes up the Bong! Kosha Mangsho was its usual best (we have always been fan of Bijoli Grill’s Kosha Mangsho). But here is when it gets interesting — Jayanta the Greedy wanted Paranthas instead of the usual Luchis (Puri) this time. What came in the name of Paranthas were 2 huge Baida Paranthas! Jayanta struggled to finish them. I have never been a fan of Bijoli Grill’s Biryani in Mumbai, but was pleasantly surprised to find this one so good — full of flavour, not crazy greasy, very tasty potato, four good pieces of mutton, but sadly, no boiled egg. Nonetheless, the taste was outstanding! The meal experience was complete after a Mishti Doi….and also with the, lets say easily ‘audible’, conversation flowing in from the next table where two gentleman were discussing India’s foreign policy! 😀

We will definitely keep going back to Banga Bhavan in the future and try out the other items on the menu. Also, it is almost next door to Kamani Auditorium and Lalit Kala Academy, thereby, being so conveniently located.

Address: 3, Hailey Road, Near Mandi House Circle


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