Where to stay in Pachmarhi — Review of WelcomeHeritage’s Golf View Hotel

WelcomeHeritages's Golf View Hotel in Pachmarhi

We chose Welcome Heritage’s Golf View hotel for our three-night stay in Pachmarhi. Apparently built on the land that once used to be the little town’s golf grounds, you will fall in love with the place the moment you set your eyes on it. Built in sprawling grounds and greenery, the main cottage that houses the office and the restaurant dates back to the time of the British occupation in India.

Little cottages, built in similar style, line up the garden on the right, each one of them with a big verandah that overlooks the garden and lined with plants that were full of the season’s petunias, roses, dahlias, calendulas. Little wonder then that we fell in love with the place. The room, too, was extremely well-appointed, with a high ceiling, a high wood bed and matching pieces of furniture, room heater on request.

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All three meals are served outdoors at this small clearing under the trees, which make it that much more fascinating! Since it was still very cold when we had visited, during breakfast, we’d look for the table where the sun had already laid its claim and during dinner, we would take the table that had the mobile fireplace up and warm. Food is good overall.

And now for the drawbacks of the Golf View hotel –

It is a pure veg hotel. That means not even eggs!

No liquor too, much as you would like to sip that red or the toddy in the cold!

The rooms do not have internet connection. Only the hotel’s office does. And no, our Tata Docomo dongle didn’t work at Panchmarhi at all. Neither could we connect with our phone’s hotspots. Which makes it imperative for the hotel to provide the state-run internet connection in every cottage!