Restaurant Review: Nafees in Indore, Madhya Pradesh (India)

Restaurant Review: Nafees Restaurant in Indore

Supposedly, Nafees is the best place for non-veg in Indore, after Sayaji of course. And it did not disappoint. An iconic restaurant in Indore known for its Kebabs and Biryani, it lived up to its name and fame. 

I was there for lunch with my team — we managed to reach only around 3:30pm after our meetings. Although still quite full at that hour, service was very quick. What I found very practical was their practise of giving small servings of Biryani, called Eco. It is just the right quantity for one person, thereby ensuring no wastage and also allowing the Biryani lover to not miss out on what he loves…
We ordered a small plate of Chicken and Mutton Biryani each and a plate of Brain (bheja) Masala. They have a nice technique of serving the Biryani from small pots… They twirl a spoon inside a few times to get all the masalas from the sides, ensure that the rice mixes well with the spices and serve it only then. The Biryani is ‘Dum’ one. It is more like the gravy style mixed with rice, of which I am not much of a fan. But then, found the Nafees Biryani to be quite good. Nice, not too spicy and well flavoured. The Bheja Masala was excellent – well marinated in the spicy gravy — had spoon fulls of them and ended up with acidity later in the day. But hey, no regrets!

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The rates of Nafees is probably the real clincher – all of the above was for Rs 450! Only! They charge only Rs 140 for a plate of Biryani!! God, that can spoil us Mumbaikars.
Will surely go back!