One-Day Itinerary of Naivasha in Kenya

Take A Boat Ride on Lake Naivasha, Kenya

Naivasha’s bio-diversity will bowl you over. If planning a trip to Kenya, Naivasha, then, is a must! One day/one night is good enough, unless you want to spend more time hiking and trekking at the Hell’s Gate National Park. Here is a suggested one-day itinerary at Naivasha that you may find useful.

How to reach Naivasha? Drive down from Nairobi to Naivasha. It is a scenic two and a half hour drive with a pit stop at the Rift Valley View Point. We took the B3 Escarpment Road that had been built, Danielle explained, by Italian prisoners during the 2nd World War. Read all that you would need to know about the Nairobi to Naivasha drive

Best place to stay in Naivasha – We stayed at the Lake Naivasha Sopa Resort and loved every bit of the property. Sprawling, well-spaced out, green with its own resident wild-life, Sopa resort gives you the Kenya experience.

One-day Itinerary of Naivasha: Here’s what all you can see and do when at Naivasha for a day. Click on the links to read in details about every place.

  • Boat Ride on Lake Naivasha – Bird-watching is the biggest draw of Naivasha, and the best way to see the beautiful winged creatures is a two-hour boat-ride. And what’s more, if your boatman is smart, he will also show you how eagles prey for fishes on the lake. An experience, you will not forget in a long long time…
  • Walk in the woods of Lake Naivasha — The woods bordering Lake Naivasha are also as much a treasure trove. Away for the swamps and the hippos, our boatman made his way through a clearing to anchor the boat and take us for a walk into the woods around the lake to show us giraffes, zebras and deers…we saw them all, in large numbers.
  • Tour of the Hell’s Gate National Park: The tour can take up to two hours or more depending upon your interest levels. A vast open area barring the cliffs, with dry grass Hell’s Gate got its name from the passage created by the steep walls of two very high cliffs in the national park. In prehistoric times, he said, a river flowed through this gap. The river has long since dried up. And the gap got christened as the Hell’s Gate.

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  • Sunil Deepak

    Reading it brought back the wonderful time I had in Naivasha a couple of years ago, however rather than go to the frequently visited Naivasha lake, we had gone to Oliden lake and were the only persons there, which was good! Apart from the animals, I have wonderful memories of the craggy rocks of Hell’s gate!

    • WOOF Post author

      Oh yes, the stroll at the hell’s Gate was surreal…i was almost as if we were the only ones there…and felt that this is how it was in the beginning of time…

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