Restaurant Review: Republika in Kigali (Rwanda) for East-African Meal

Restaurant Review: Republika in Kigali (Rwanda) for East-African Meal

African meal is a lot about meat and fish. Perfect for a carnivore family like ours. And so, when our cousins, at whose place we were staying in Kigali, suggested Republika to us, adding that the place serves authentic African food in a complete African setting, we jumped in excitement.

Still the Christmas weekend, people appeared to be so relaxed everywhere around us. The great weather in Kigali added to the calm and comfort. We reached Republika around 8 in the evening, ready for a slow dinner with drinks.

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How is the ambience at Republika in Kigali? True to what our cousins had told us, Republika is out and out an African restaurant. They have a gift shop in the first floor, well-stocked with African artefacts and items of home décor. I found it slightly on the expensive side. Happily browsed through, but didn’t make a buy.

The restaurant is on the second floor and sprawls into the open balcony. Eye-catching with Africa colours and paints, colourful upholstery, African-carved furniture, thatched bamboo roof and enclosure, we sure were fascinated. Make an early booking and reserve the table that overlooks the open verandah – you will see Kigali blinker in the not-too-distant horizon.

How is the food at the Republika in Kigali? For starters, we went by our cousins’ recommendation and ordered two plates of Sambasa – Small Fishes fried and served with dips in a bed of Lettuce. Accompanying the fishes were Mutzig Beer for the men, Red Wine for the women and soft drinks for the kids. The fishes vanished from our plates in about 10 minutes – very very good and crisp, perfect with the drinks in that beautiful weather.

For the mains, it was Nyama Choma – roast goat served with veggies. Excellent. And again, perfect with drinks. We also ordered Steak Republika — the pan-fried beef served with spinach, and Shredded Chicken in Mushroom Sauce. Both of these were absolutely yumm!!!

Final verdict on Republika in Kigali: An absolute MUST-GO. And do order the Sambasa and Nyama Choma.

Remember, in Africa, they are in no hurry to serve you food. Hence, order the Starters in good quantity and enjoy them with your drink. The meal is served after an average of 45-60 minutes. As I said, they aren’t in a hurry. And if you are there on holiday, you shouldn’t hurry too 🙂

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