Restaurant Review: Adyar Ananda Bhavan at T Nagar, Chennai

For our trip to Pondicherry, we arrived in Chennai just in time for lunch. Had jotted down Ananda Bhavan, Saravana Bhavan in our list of must-eat places in Chennai. And since, post lunch, I wanted to go for my first round of saree shopping, we zeroed on in the Ananda Bhavan at T Nagar for lunch, since it fell on the route to saree shops at T Nagar.

How is the food at Adyar Ananda Bhavan at T Nagar, Chennai? Unaware that we were, we requested to idlis and dosas, only to be politely told that those are not available during lunch hours. So then what do you serve during lunch hours? Thali!! And so, we asked for 2 Thalis, asking the guy waiting on us, if it would be enough for the 3 of us (Jayanta, me and our little daughter). The guy smiled and said a Yes! Little did we know that the 2 Thalis could have actually fed four! A very good spread that included Rasam, Pudina Rice, Lemon Rice, 2-3 vegetables, Sambar, Plain Rice, Papad and Payesam, we kept aside one bowl of Plain Rice knowing for sure that it wouldn’t be needed and hence, shouldn’t be wasted.

Excellent taste and a complete value for money – two Thalis cost just Rs 200!! We figured, food was cheap at ‘Amma Land’!

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How is the ambience at Adyar Ananda Bhavan at T Nagar, Chennai? The restaurant is just like any other Mithai/fast-food shop in India. Spread over two floors, the ground floor has smaller tables with a long counter for snacks and sweets. Guessed it was mostly used for that quick bite or the lighter breakfast. The first floor offered airconditioning, which is why we sat there. Chennai can be humid even to a Mumbaikar!

Relatively clean place – not great, not bad either. The staff goes out of the way to make you comfortable, especially if they sense that you are new to their city. Very heart-warming.

Final Word on Adyar Ananda Bhavan at T Nagar, Chennai: You can tell its an iconic place – has a cult following! We liked our meal, although hoped that the place could have been cleaner. Must-eat at, if you are a first-timer in Chennai!