Restaurant Review: Satsanga in Pondicherry

Post our dinner debacle at the Madame Shanthe’s restaurant the night before, we wanted to be extremely careful with the choice of restaurants for our remaining meals in Pondichery. So for lunch, the next day, we zeroed in on Satsanga — a place that is much recommended for both it’s European food as well as Indian.

Ambience at Satsanga in Pondicherry: We had been out since morning sight-seeing and had been to the Sacred Church of Jesus and Auroville. By the time we got back from Auroville, it was already time for lunch and most importantly, we needed some respite from the humidity. Our auto-walla seemed to know very well where Satsanga was, and so reaching it was not a hassle. Again, Satsanga too, like most other restaurants in Pondicherry is in one of the blocks in the French Colonies, and hence, not too far from where we were staying, the Sea-side Guest House.

It is a well spread out place, almost like a garden. Lots of greenery around. We almost immediately felt nice and cool. Great ambience for cosy dinners, be it for a couple or for a family.

Food at Satsanga in Pondicherry: To whet our throats, we ordered Beer, White Wine and sweet lime for Jayanta, myself and our daughter respectively, over a plate of fried prawns. The prawns were good but served with tomato sauce. Oh why can’t they make dips for these appetisers?

For the main course, Jayanta was forced to order a Fish Dish since they Beef and Chicken were out of stock that afternoon at Satsanga. I played it safe – ordered Veg Rice.

Final word on Satsanga in Pondicherry: Food there is average, not all that great! The ambience is good enough. Service is slightly slow as there weren’t too many in the staff at that hour. Don’t know if it’s different for dinner time. Overall, nice enough place to chill. Good crowd.

Check it out if you are in Pondicherry for longer duration and want a taste of every good-enough place.

(Note: That evening, when I sat down to transfer photos from my camera to my laptop, catastrophe struck!!! I ended up deleting photos taken at Auroville and thereafter! So have no photos to show for much of Auroville, all of Satsanga and Carte Blanche)

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