Edinburgh Castle (Scotland) Tour – What You Need To Know

Edinburgh Castle (Scotland) Tour

Perched on a hilltop, seeped in history, Edinburgh Castle is undoubtedly the most important destination in Scotland. The castle is straight out of story books – surrounded by sharp cliffs and accessible only by a steep road. In our last blog, we told you that the Edinburgh Castle is connected by the famous Royal Mile at its West end.

The view of the entire city from here is astounding. You’d be tempted to stand here for hours together, look out at the city below and ruminate, wonder how it must have been in the olden days. We were there just after breakfast and were ready for the climb as well as the lesson in history.

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The following information will help you take a glitch free tour of the castle. Note that the entire tour requires a fair bit of walking up the steep slope and taking of stairs.

  1. How long does the Edinburgh Castle tour take? About 3-4 hours.
  2. Where can you buy the tickets for Edinburgh Castle? You can buy the tickets both at the ticketing counter within the castle premises just at the entrance gate. We’d recommend, however, to buy it online (http://www.edinburghcastle.gov.uk/tickets/tickets) so that you can save precious time. The ticketing counter is almost always crowded and can devour upto 45-60 minutes of your precious time. Online tickets also get you a complimentary guided tour.
  3. What are the major attractions of the Edinburgh Castle? You will see here the One O’Clock Tower, the National War Museum of Scotland, Moon’s Meg, St Margaret’s Chapel, Crown Square, Royal Palace, the Great Hall, the Half Moon Battery.
  4. Is the Edinburgh Castle kid/elderly friendly? Most part of the premises have ramps. Which means the kids and the elderly can be strolled up. The few places where there were only stairs, our daughter walked. Do note that the Military Prisons, St Margaret’s Chapel, Queen Mary’s Room in the Royal Palace, King’s Dining Room in the Royal Palace and the Crown Jewels exhibition, cannot be accessed by strollers or wheelchairs.
  5. Where can you get a guide for the Edinburgh Castle? You can request for a guide at the ticketing counter. You could also opt for an audio guide in order to tour the castle in your own pace.
  6. What are the timings at the Edinburgh Castle? Opens at 9.30 in the morning and closes at 5.00pm in winters and 6 pm in summers. The last entry is one hour before the closing time.

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