Hotel Review: Solluna Resort in Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand

We were booked at the Solluna Resort during our trip to Corbett National Park. Compared to most other hotels that are closer to the Gates from where you enter the Reserve, the Solluna Resort is at Merchula – about 45-minutes’ drive away, past a narrow one-lane road that is non-existent at a number of places owing to landslides and little streams.

Review -- Solluna Resort in Jim Corbett

Where is Solluna Resort in Jim Corbett?  You go down a very narrow, broken lane after a long drive to reach the Resort. And find it on the Ramganga river bank. Needless to say, this brings a smile to your lips. In a valley, surrounded by hills on all sides and the Ramganga River flowing right past, Solluna Resort is a massive property that can be hardly seen from the road. Now wonder the surprise then, upon entering its grounds.

Review of Solluna Resort in Jim Corbett, Uttarakhand:

How is the Solluna Resort in Jim Corbett? The Resort has been designed to incorporate the natural beauty surrounding it. It’s gardens are strewn with fruit trees and flowering plants, and are home to beautiful birds that flock the place the whole day. The swimming pool and children’s playing area is also nearby. Cross over from the reception area to discover a sprawling garden that has been extremely well maintained. The cottages are located on the hillside and require a fair bit of walk. Not that you mind it, amidst such beautiful surroundings! After dark though, you can easily lose your way, all though it is well lighted.

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How are the rooms at Solluna Resort in Jim Corbett? The rooms were very nice — large and well designed. The bath and toilet area is very modern and makes excellent use of the natural stone found in the area. The basin especially was carved out of one, so were the soap dish and holders. Basic toiletries are provided for and the general house-keeping is excellent. There is a coffee / tea machine which is refilled once a day – though mineral water was provided only once when we came in. There is no TV mind you, and this is what bowled me over. Mobile connection is poor too — a blessing in disguise?

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How is the food at Solluna Resort in Jim Corbett? Solluna Resort has a 2-tier restaurant with an excellent view of the river bank and the mountains. The catering at the resort is quite good and food is not very spicy. Service is quick and the staff is more than happy to arrange for drinks if you ask for it. Since we were the only ones staying there, there was no buffet and we were served straight at the table by an army of waiters. The main lawn is right in front of the restaurant and has barbecue and party facilities.

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How was the stay at Solluna Resort in Jim Corbett? Very Good!!! Take a walk by the river all the way to the small waterfall in the morning and you will know what bliss is. A pretty little foot bridge connects the resort to the village on the other side. It is a beautiful view from here. The foot bridge actually sways during high winds. Look out for the stones/pebbles in the river bank – they are in beautiful colors and shapes and I am sure you’d be tempted to carry a few back home.

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In the evening, the resort management organized a small barbeque party at the lawn. But mush as you would want to sing and chat under the night skies, the evening needs to end a little early as per strict rules applicable there. For, it lies within the Leopard Zone. The guards patrolled the riverside the entire evening to check for stray animals. We did spot a wild boar inside the resort twice.

Although we did not have the time to go for treks, Solluna Resort does arrange for treks along with some adventure sports like rappelling, river crossing etc. This needs to be informed in advance.

Would highly recommend this place if you want to stay away from the main touristy area of Corbett. More at:

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