Should You Visit Eklinji Temple in Udaipur?

Yes. Only if you are a devout Lord Shiva worshipper.

For, the Eklinji Temple complex is just like any other temple complex in India. We mostly saw devotees there. And not really tourists. The temple complex is beautiful no doubt, but it isn’t so grand that you would want to drive down 22 kms from Udaipur to see it.

In our case, it was the morning of Diwali and our guide insisted that we visit the temple. The previous day he had taken us to Kumbhalgarh Fort, Temples in Kumbhalgarh and Ranakpur Temple and had seen me offer prayers at both the temples of there. He must have assumed that another temple visit would interest us greatly. Little did he know that God, for us, in one and is present everywhere. So seeing one is akin to seeing all.

Anyway, we deliberated – going and coming back from Eklinji Temple would cost us about 2 hours. That was quite a bit, considering that we hadn’t toured Udaipur city yet and also wanted to go shopping in Udaipur. Nonetheless, we headed for Eklinji after breakfast that Diwali morning.

How far is Eklinji Temple from Udaipur? Takes you just half an hour to reach. Old ladies sell flowers at the temple gates. You get them very cheap from them. Won’t even think of negotiating. The queues are fast-moving and you will be done with the darshan in no time. Was actually happy, I went through a formal round of prayers that Diwali morning . Guess, the Lord wanted me there.

Timings of Darshan/Visit at Eklinji Temple: Apparently, the temple closes every hour for half an hour for maintenance. When we reached at 10 am, we found that it was to open at 10.30 am again. In case you find the temple closed, you may want to buy the offerings and flowers and line up in the queue. Or do what we did. We drove about 500 meters ahead to a lake and sat there enjoying the calm waters.

During religious festivals, the temple timings are different. Please check with your guide or hotel staff before making your plans.

Photography is not allowed in the temple premises. And hence only these 2, while at the outer gate.

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