A Weekend Trip to Amritsar, the Holy City

The tales we had heard about Amritsar were right — this holy city, with people deeply religious, soothing Gurbani everywhere; with a rich history and a tearful past seen and felt at its museums, the Jalianwalla Bagh, at the border; finger-licking good food in small, nondescript dhabas; rich phulkari; strong […]

Weekend trip to Amritsar

Dining at the Banga Bhavan’s Canteen in Delhi

Banga Bhavan’s restaurant is run by Bijoli Grill. Basic, but a clean restaurant, we landed there on a Sunday afternoon. And found that they make the Bengali Biryani only for the weekends. I of course didn’t need to look at the menu after this, but Jayanta, wanted his Kosha Mangsho […]

Discover Delhi -- Old Delhi Food Trail to discover Delhi's iconic food stalls and restaurants

Discover Delhi — Old Delhi Food Trail

The Old Delhi food trail is nothing short of a romance with not only food, but also tradition and history. One place deep fries it stuffed paranthas and Nehruji too loved them, while another place has not stopped selling only Dahi Bhalle and Aloo Tikki since 1940, another place uses […]

Do-Not-Miss State Bhavans’ Dining in Delhi – List of Delhi’s BEST State Bhavan restaurants

Delhi’s food history/story is folklore. That Delhites feel strongly about their food is an understatement. Which is why, every gulli, nukad of every neighbourhood, especially old neighbourhoods, has the best chaatwala, tandoori chicken wala, paranthe-wala…and so on…Old Delhi eateries date back to the 19th century, while the ‘newer’ Delhi allures […]