Sri Lanka

Shopping at Laksala in SriLanka

Where & What of Shopping in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is extremely rich in its handicrafts. I absolutely went berserk upon seeing their masks, statues, leather products, fabrics. And then they are famous for their gems and semi-precious stones too. Plus, Sri Lanka has Noritake’s outselts. In short, I knew, this would be heaven. To top it, our […]

Markets & Fishing in Galle, Sri Lanka

Sight-seeing in Galle, Sri Lanka

A wee bit of a town, with a strong history, Galle, is for people who like to see the ‘ordinary’ in a country and yet find it extra-ordinary. You will find here an overwhelming leftover of the Portugese and Dutch occupation. And although we were staying in Unawatuna (Read: Review […]