Best Bhutan Itinerary and Blogs

A visit to Bhutan had been a long standing dream. It came true last summer holidays when we took a 10-day road-trip to Bhutan and wandered the country thorough to see its imposing Dzongs and picturesque country-sides, eat its food, dress the way its people did, listen to its uncountable […]

Sight-Seeing in Paro, Bhutan

For most people, Paro is their first destination in Bhutan. That’s because, most people fly down to Bhutan. For us though, Paro was our final destination. We’d be going back from Paro via Phuentsoling to India. And we were stationed there for 2 nights and one day. The first night […]

Faces from Bhutan

Wouldn’t you agree if i say that hills and innocence go in tandem? Over the years, I have come to believe that the hills shield its people from the adulteration and complications of the city life. Why else would so many faces look at you with such pure smiles and […]

Trekking in Phobjikha Valley

Let me start with the basics. Phobjikha Valley is also known as the Gantey Valley, and is vast. When we saw it from the Gangteng monastery, it seemed to us that the valley stretched upto the end of the world. Sonam, or guide, told us that come October, black-necked cranes […]