Wanderlust drives us to faraway lands, interesting waters. And add them to our travel memoirs

Hills-hopping in Himachal

This summer, unlike other summers, we didn’t go on our customary 2-week holiday. That’s because, we moved bag and baggage from Mumbai to Gurgaon, just when the days were getting oppressively hot. By the time we managed to get rid of all the cartons in our house, stack away all […]

Must-Eat in Phillippines

Food in Philippines is kind of South-East Asian cuisine meets American fast food, with a good dose of pork thrown in. For the complete local meals, you will have to go to the streets as even the largest of malls at Manila or Cebu d0 not have decent local food […]

Island Hopping from Cebu, Phillippines

Cebu is one of Phillippines’ most visited province. Located in central Phillippines, i was surprised to know that Cebu used to be Phillippines’ capital in the olden days. Visitors throng this beach city for the many beautiful islands surrounding it. We stayed at the city centre and went ‘island hopping’ […]

Island hopping in Cebu, Phillippines