The Drumrolls of Festive Openings – Triveni Launches Sentorini -2

Triveni’s latest launch Sentorini-2 (click here for the exclusive range of sarees — Sentorini 2) settles new vitality and brightness, felicitous for the approaching festivities and celebrations. As the season of jubilations approach, the mood sets for renewal of shopping, fun and explorations! Mid weight – colorful rich sarees in charming prints, traditional […]

Triveni Ethnic Sarees

Play Review: Ek Mulaqaat

He asks her, “How much of a woman are you, and how much of a writer?” She replies, “For you, only a woman. Remember, once when you had fever, and I rubbed Vicks on your chest? My only wish at that moment was that I keep rubbing Vicks on your […]