POH — Very fine, fine dining in Mumbai!

Review of POH in Mumbai

Progressive | Oriental | House or POH at Kamala Mills is the latest offering from the house of Speciality Restaurants and a brainchild of Avik Chatterjee. And yes, they have got it absolutely right … brilliant, to be accurate. The line of luxury cars and packed house during week nights is testament to the same and it is definitely one of the best premium, fine-dine, stand-alone restaurants you can find in Mumbai serving oriental cuisine. It is supposed to be a combination of Yàodiàn Bar, the Sushi Bar Omakase & Degustation Diningfor laymen, it’s a curated experience of top class food and service.

Located in one of the most happening locations of Mumbai, their décor is subtle and exudes quality and class. I just loved the open high chairs and sushi counter near the bar and would have loved to have an interactive session with the Chefs. Next time for sure …

For the first timers, we’d recommend you to order the Chef’s Tasting Menu. At INR 2400 (non-veg) with optional wine / cocktail pairing (another INR 1500), it’s the best way to experience the myriad taste they bring to the table. Great food is 50% taste and 50% presentation … and you experience it firsthand here.

You start with a spicy Amuse Bouche … in a 2pc plate that is removed after use. They insist you have it by hand … it works!

Banana Blossom Salad: First item ever for me and it’s beautiful. Inside the ‘flower’ you have the salad which has a combination of fried onions, coconut pieces, peanuts, greens, etc with a hint of tamarind. The combination of texture and flavors is really interesting though the quantity is a little too much for one to finish..

Not a Caprese: This was by far my favourite, surprisingly a vegetarian dish. The cheese, tomato, basil leaves in olive oil – with a faux tomato made of tofu with a pepper gel was of the best I have had ever. Whatever you do, please do not miss it.  The subtlety of flavours is just amazing

Yellow Bean Glazed Prawns: The third item was served in a bed of smoked corn in a bed of pepper … with watermelon gel on the sides. This was average to be honest though perfectly cooked and flavoured

Scallops: Again, brilliantly presentated in your plate.  The hot butter and crispy garlic is poured over the scallops and served with a dry berry layer. The sauce and the scallops perfectly complement each other and is delicious

Crab Cake with Salad: This was a little disappointing, though individually the items were excellent. Not a great idea to use a lot of strong herbs with mild flavoured food — the crab cakes were really nice but the subtlety of their taste was spoilt by the garnish.

  Steamed Chicken Tartar with Herbed Pineapple Mash: the presentation is about a chicken walking into the garden with clean feet and walking away with dirty footprints … and it shows. The chicken was melt in mouth variety and the pineapple mash went brilliantly with the taste.

Lamb ‘foie gras’ gyoza and chickpea mash: probably the second-best dish of the day with the gyoza just knocking you off the feet. The chickpea mash is a complete contrast but complements the same … but best had separately. This is a must have again … absolutely brilliant, both in taste and appearance

It was time for a sorbet to cleanse the palette … but a real spicy one. They went a little overboard on this one

The mains – was Lamb Shanks Masamman Curry with Kerala Fried rice.  For those who like strong Asian curry, it would be perfect. The combination of Kerala Rice softens the strong curry flavour … I could manage to have only about a third of the same as desserts could not be missed

Honey Wasabi Ice-cream, Caramel & Chocolate: The plate as you can see craves for attention but you would hate to eat and mess it up. The ice cream was very mildly flavoured and not so great, frankly, but the Caramel & Chocolate made it brilliant!

Service: This is what sets another new standard as the manager(s) are by your side to understand your preferences, discuss the ingredients and pair it with the perfect whites and reds throughout the meal….and stay attentive to your dining needs throughout your meal there

POH has definitely set new standards in premium fine dining and I am craving to go for more soon.