Sundown with Razzberry Rhinocerous in Juhu, Mumbai

What a find this — Razzberry Rhinocerous is back! And with a bang. A ‘happening joint’ a few years ago, Razzberry Rhinocerous closed in the 1990s due to internal reasons. The new proprietors have seen a gold mine though and rightly so. The location, the huge expanse of the open area right on Juhu Beach enthralls you. Add to it their love for music and their promise to revive the places commitment to performing arts, and you are transported…

The property extends right from the main Juhu Tara road to the beach, with a hotel in the front and the restaurants and garden on the beach front. At the premises, look up towards the sky, past the coconut trees, and as I said, you will be transported away from the hustle and bustle of Mumbai…

We went on an evening when they were hosting a live gig one some new album release, and hence couldn’t sit in the open area. Instead, we were shown the quieter seating area, at the Mediterranean restaurant Razz Bar. They have an Indian restaurant in the garden, the Deck, serving fusion food but you can order anything anywhere.

Starting off with their signature cocktails, we were floored by their ‘Root to Fruit’ collection — so refreshing, and so right for the sultry Mumbai summer evenings. Deepa, sticking to her fruit-love, got herself the Muskmelon and Lychee mug and then, breaking from her norm of one drink, chose Pineapple and Kaffir. Both, very good and large drinks! And since driving back was not a worry, i tangoed with Beer and then a classic whisky sour — both, as good as you can get….

Snacks at the Razzberry Rhinocerous is perhaps their USP – the variety leaves you to believe that you wouldn’t need to have main course at all. From the Mediterranean platters, we chose the brilliant White Mushroom Silken Kebab and a slightly bland Wasabi Beetroot Hummus. Next, onto the non-veg options, the Chicken Nukhti Kebabs served with Paratha Taco was excellent, the pieces soft and melting in the mouth. The Grilled Kasundi prawns were brilliant though as Bongs, we would not have minded a stronger mustard paste. But then again, strong mustard is not for every tongue. The Salmon Sashimi board from the Bistro followed and was a great combo. The Smoked cheese with Apple salad was a perfect accompaniment and a palate cleanser. Then came the kebabs – starting with our favourite Chicken Tikka which was served on the grill with mint chutney followed by our veg favourite, the Subz Galauti taco and the Shola tikkas served with roasted pyaaz salad. The presentation is stylish and the taste stands out…just so perfect with the cocktails and the ambience!

Main course at Razzberry, after all that snacking felt unnecessary, and so we went for a bowl of soup – a brilliantly presented Pea soup, that tasted excellent too. And then shared a Lamb Tagine, slow cooked to perfection …with the meat melting in the mouth.

Predictable, not a milimeter of room was left in our stomachs. But then, we have a separate small stomach for desserts! We stuck to the chef’s recommendation — The Green Mango Kulfi served with Aam Papad. DO NOT MISS this when here. The flourless Chocolate Cake was a delight for our choco-loving daughter.

And finally, Razzberry Rhinocerous is, unarguably, your little piece of Goa in Mumbai! With people helping themselves to drinks from the counter, sitting on the grounds, near the beach – just perfect with friends. They have regular sundowns – starting at 4pm, well in time for the glorious sunsets in the sea and carrying on until the wee hours….

Brunches are in the pipeline and would be amazing during the monsoons and winters. It’s a place you can be yourself and just enjoy with your friends and colleagues, or have an office party with a view to die for.

Note – kids are not allowed in the evenings. And best to reserve tables beforehand.

Hope they succeed in running the place just the way it is … It’s a hidden gem and a wow one at that!!

(Note: We had been invited for a meal at Razzberry Rhinocerous, and didn’t pay for it at all)

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