Fatty Bao in Powai, Mumbai

So the cheerful little place in now in Powai too! Cheerful and so lively!

We collectively fell for their Sushi and Nigiri offerings – loved them all, be it the Prawn Sushi, or the California Roll (Crabmeat Sushi), or their Salmon Nigiri. The next best things in life after Dimsums, I guess. Or maybe, they are at par. Speaking of which, the Prawn Dimsums and Chicken Dimsums were equally good and almost made you promise that you’d be back only for them! The chilly sauce can get a little hotter though. Make sure you ask for it if you happen to order Dimsums there.

We stuck to lamb and vegetable fried rice for main course – the lamb shanks, cooked in Thai curry with lemon grass and coconut milk, was what any Bong can fall for. Add to it that the lamb shanks were super soft, and we could only mumble in delight with every spoonful. We had ordered half portion of both the lamb and the rice, as the Sushis and Dimsums had already claimed a good portion of our stomachs!

But ask me what was the icing on the cake – the Japanese Cheesecake! Served with a sour cherries compote and a scoop of vanilla ice-cream, this is a plate I know I will crave for when back home, while buried in work, or while reading…

While they have a bar and a wide variety of cocktails, I stuck to a refreshing Peach mocktail since it was a hot sultry afternoon, and a hard drink would have brought sleep.

The place is just perfect for a get together with friends. From all that chatter from adjoining tables, you know they don’t mind noise here. We thought, what a perfect place to catch up with friends over drinks and dinner after a long day at work!

Rates are comparable to such classy restaurants across Mumbai. We had been invited for a review though, and our meal was complimentary.