Do-Not-Miss Restaurants of Austria

Must-Eat Dishes and Drinks when in Austria

In this post, we will talk about the do-not-miss restaurants of Austria. For, we went to them and fell in love with them! Not only for their food, but also for their location. Imagine eating fish while looking down into the entire Hallstat town and lake. Such and more such, here in this article, so that you know where to head for food when in Austria!

 Figlmüller in Vienna: You cannot miss this when in Vienna. Dating back by more than a century, 1905, Figmuller serves iconic Austrian cuisine at two restaurants right next to St. Stephen’s Cathedral. Though famous for its Schnitzel, I would recommend the Tafelspitz which was simply brilliant. Service can be a little rough though. Place is usually very crowded, especially in their main Wollzeile restaurant. (Read in details about Figmuller at – Must-eat at Figmuller in Vienna)

Hotel Sacher in Vienna: The house of the original Sacher Torte, one the most famous cake in the world since 1832.  A chocolate cake, coated with apricot jam and chocolate icing on top, served with a portion of unsweetened whipped cream – Sacher Torte is internationnaly reputed! Frankly, we found it good, but over hyped too. Ensure you have it sitting there at the restaurant or outside with some fantastic Viennese Coffee. Deepa went for the Apple Strudel and skipped dinner!

Must-Eat Dishes and Drinks when in Austria

Melk Abbey Restaurant: You cannot get a better location or view when enjoying local cuisine after an amazing tour of the Abbey (Read: Melk Abbey Tour). The food is fantastic – we went with their suggestion and asked for the Beef Goulash, Roast Pork with Cabbage Salad with local beer. Don’t miss the local wine as it’s the heart of Austria’s wine industry. And then of course we asked for their famous dessert – Marillenkuchen – an upside down fresh pastry served with ceam and chocolate ice-cream. With that little plate in your table, know that you should graciously give up your kg-calorie battle. With this thing in your plate, it’s a battle of a different kind – of who will get the most spoonful! (Read: Must-eat at Stiftsrestaurant in Melk)

Alter Fuchs in Salzburg: Very popular locally, and almost always full. The food is terrific and that’s the reason why everyone flocks there. I had to have the most popular dish here which was the boiled Beef with potatoes and spinach. Speciality of this place and highly recommended by the staff was the famous Salzburger Nockerl – egg soufflé with cranberry compote. Takes over 20 mins to make and is super heavy.

Restaurant Hotel Weißes Rössl in Innsbruck: One of the top restaurants, or, as they call it – an old town Inn in Innsbruck dating back to 1600s, Weißes Rössl is in a quiet street. They serve one of the best Tyrolean cuisine in the region. Friendly staff and great service makes it a memorable experience. You cannot miss the most famous dish there – the Tiroler Gröstl, which is just fantastic. They have excellent lamb as well and salads.

Best Restaurant in Innsbruck, Austria

Café at the foothill of Grossglockner: For the best pastries and swiss rolls in the world! The chill outside and the baking delights inside with a mug of steaming hot coffee transports you to Heaven!

Panoramic Restaurant at Kaiser Franz Josefs Höhe: The restaurant is perched right on top of Grssglockner and offers a panoramic view of the East Alps – Grossglockner (3,798 m) and the Pasterze Glacier. We ordered soup and sausages and bread and burgers after a round of bone-chilling snowball fight outside. Which is why, probably, the homely food felt like the tastiest meal of our lives! (Read about the Grossglockner Tour)

Must-Eat Dishes and Drinks when in Austria

And now, here are the best Hallstatt has to offer.

Maislinger:  Head to Maislinger for breakfast when you are in Austria. They open very early and are ready with their breads and pastries. Throughout the day too, the place sees enough sweet-toothed tourists, flocking for their super soft swiss rolls and pastries. We did too…got them packed before we went for a trek….haha. The food is excellent, reasonably priced and the cafe is very close to the parking lot.

Maislinger -- Breakfast joint in Hallstat, Austria

Cafe Bachts Polreich: Family owned, excellent service, we had lunch here. Located just off the lake, the view can’t get any better. Food, here, is typical of the Salzkammergut area. Must haves are the fresh Trout, grilled served with farmers salad. The Filet Pork is excellent as well.

Gasthof Simony Restaurant am See: Very popular place for meals, right at the town centre. This too is right off the lake, in the open air. You can have a meal here while feeding the ducks and the swans of the lake!


Restaurant Rudolfsturm: A medieval defence tower, the view cannot be better than this … wait for a seat in the terrace. Next to the ‘Skywalk’, with the whole of Hallstatt behind you, the food even tastes better. The Goulash is very popular here, so is the Turkey in Mushroom sauce, not to mention the Wiener Schnitzel. Plan this one when visiting the Salt Mine there.


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