Parsi Cuisine at Jimmy Boy in Mumbai — Restaurant Review

Jimmy Boy in Fort, Mumbai

Jimmy Boy is one of Mumbai’s top and most loved Parsi restaurants. Started in 1920s, this grand old Dude retains its old world charm – what with its cosy, two-floor joint with its ornate balustrades that take your to the mezzanine floor. Before you take your chair, look down at the first floor and you will be certain that not much has changed here – the little square tables placed closed to one another,  the staff milling around taking orders and bringing food, the lovely chandelier from that era…. Remember, there is AC only in the mezzanine floor of Jimmy Boy. Now, Jimmy Boy boasts of offering the unique Lagan Nu Bhonu, the famed full 3-course meal similar to one served at Parsi weddings. We landed up there to have that and much more.

Easy to find (just opposite the lane outside custom house / Cheetah Gate or off Horniman Circle), we went in around 1 pm this Sunday, and not before calling up to book our tables. We were seven of us, and didn’t want to take chances, you see! Looks like we made it just on time, for, soon after, we found diners waiting outside…

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Now for the food at Jimmy Boy – we ordered like we had not eaten in days! Thankfully, the Manager was helpful and reigned us down. He must be used to diners like us who, when they come to Jimmy Boy, take a fancy to every item in the menu and go bonkers while placing the order….

What arrived at the table after about 20 minutes was a long line of food perhaps putting a wedding menu to shame! Patra Ni Macchhi, Mutton  Gravy Cutlet, Kheema Pav, Jardaalo Saali Boti, Prawn Curry Rice, Mutton Berry Pulao, Mutton Pulao, Margi Na Farcha, Chicken Dhansak and Lagan nu Custard. Sipping through Ice Cream Soda by Pallonji while waiting for the food to hit our table, we were transported to our childhood…


The Patra Ni Macchi at Jimmy Boy is by far one of the best in Mumbai! Synonymous with Parsi cuisine, we absolutely love the pomfrets cooked in green paste of coriander and mint.  At Rs. 750 for two small pieces, it is certainly not cheap, but worth every rupee! We suggest you eat it with the amazing paranthas they serve the fish with, and for a moment, you will almost want to end your meal right there…so that the taste lingers on…

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The Mutton Gravy Cutlet was a Parsi-meets-Punjab! The only way I can describe it is, this was an excellent Mutton Cutlet in a sad Butter Chicken gravy. Avoid. Instead, go ahead with the tried and tested Keema Pav which is brilliant. The keema is super tasty and goes amazingly well with the soft pavs. A must have absolutely! Jardaalo Saali Boti –The quintessential mutton curry with potato chips, melt-in-mouth mutton pieces in a spicy gravy, again, perfect with Pav, do not miss!

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Mutton Berry Pulao: Not as good as Britannia, but, admit, quite tasty — well spiced with soft melt-in-mouth mutton pieces and awesome cashew and berry topping


Mutton Pulao: This comes with the set meal. Is very tasty with good mutton inside. Margi Na Farcha is fried Chicken in a light egg batter and is also part of the set menu. Excellent again.

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The Chicken Dhansak was a disappointment though. Served with two decent-sized chicken pieces and plain rice, it wasn’t quite what we expected. And finally, the Prawn Curry rice, was a decent item with 7-8 good-sized prawns in a thick gravy served with plain rice.

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We didn’t want to have desserts at Jimmy Boy, for, we wanted to drive down to Paradise in Colaba for their Lagan nu Custard. However, we waited for the one Lagan nu Custard that came with the set meal, but didn’t like it much…


All of the above ensured we skip dinner!  But then we told ourselves, we can go back again and again for the Patra Ni Macchi…!

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