SodaBottle OpenerWala in Mumbai — Restaurant Review

SodaBottle OpenerWala. The very name conjures up images of the Parsi world in your mind. You think of their zest for life, their need to perfect everything, their crispness, their sing-song language, their immense love for food…

Invariably, you tend to keep thinking about all of these as you head to the famous, Soda Bottle Openerwalla in Bandra Kurla Complex (BKC, Mumbai, India). And are pleasantly greeted by these very visuals as you go in and are shown to your table – the lovely pieces of furniture, the red-white checkered tablecloths lined with pretty white laces, the knick-knacks on the wall, the quirky lamp-shades, the awesome crockery and serving bowls/plates, the little write-ups on just about everything, walls, menu cards — you are smiling in amusement as you discover every little such detailing…

Make sure you hit the place before 1 pm for lunch and before 7.30pm for dinner. For, only then, will you be able to ‘walk in straight’ without having to wait outside. Mercifully, we did that, and could saunter in without having to be sauna’ed’ in Mumbai’s oppressive humidity. And then counted our little mercies some more when the staff got us a chilled beer glass along with the menu card.

Now, Bongs share the Parsis’ love for food. Which is why, you are never at risk while ordering at a Parsi joint if your’s happen to be a Bengali family. As is usual with us, reading only that part of the menu that has the red dot, we requested for a plate of Kolmi Fry for starters – prawns fried with eggs (perhaps) in rings of onions. Jayanta can never look beyond a Kheema Pav option whenever he gets one. He settled for that for main course. While, a plate of Mutton Berry Pulao was a no brainer for me.

The Kolmi Fry, definitely in a egg batter, was light and good. And vanished from our plates before we knew it! Kheema Pav, served in an interesting square baking tray (told you, the crockery is interesting), made Jayanta happy. Served in a big portion, he shared part of it with our daughter who too, like a true Bengali, loves everything ‘mutton’! The Berry Pulao for me came in a round baking tray. Now, as unfair as it is, you tend to compare every Berry Pulao in the world with the one you get to eat when in Britannia (Mumbai’s, and the world’s iconic Parsi joint, for those who don’t know which Britannia I am talking about!). I did too. The comparison, I mean. And found it to be very good! Gave a portion of it to our daughter, and yet was left with more than enough for myself. Very decent serving size, here, in SodaBottle OpenerWala.

And now for the final litmus test – Laganu Custard. I am merciless. I compare every Laganu Custard with the generous slice you get in Paradise (once again, Mumbai’s iconic Parsi joint in Colaba). The verdict – Paradise reigns! Laganu Custard at SodaBottle Openerwalla is nothing, I repeat, nothing, when compared to the one you eat at Paradise. Period. Sadly. For, you have loved everything else about the place. (Jayanta and the daughter, though, couldn’t give up their daily round of chocolate intake, and went in for the Toblerone Mousse, and went gaga about it)

Well, in a roundup – SodaBottle OpenerWala is for the ‘suburban Mumbaikars’ who love Parsi food and they style. Thank God we have a good option for Parsi food closer home. Else, we’d drive down 30+ km every time the craving for Parsi food struck us!

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