Review: Baking Workshops with Sticky Fingerzs, Powai (Mumbai)

She is a Witch. Well, that’s what I call her. And more I call her that, more and more I am convinced she is one — the type who can cast her spell and make anything edible. Nah, anything yumm!

And so, a couple of weeks ago, when I zeroed in on the Flower theme for my daughter’s birthday party in March, I shot her a message at around 9 in the night. Will you be interested to do a cup-cake decorating session for max 20 kids? She shot back a Yes instantly! We got talking but soon came to a hurdle — the cost involved seemed to be somewhat higher than what my budget was. You see, I didn’t want the usual sprinklers etc for the toppings. I wanted the cup-cakes to be well decorated with flowers and leaves with a generous layer of icing covering the top of the cup cake. Went to bed trying to figure out how to beat the cost and yet get what I wanted….

She too must have gone to bed with the same thought. For, first thing the next morning, she sent me a message – I had a dream solution last night….an edible flower vase. And followed it with a barrage of message that explained what exactly she meant. I was sold! That’s an understatement actually. I was jumping with joy, and could tell, she too wanted to run out of her house screaming Eureka..

Over the next two weeks, we finalised the list of things I needed to buy, and those that she’d get. The items were easily available. What’s more, they were exactly what we wanted.

And this is what she created for my daughter’s 8th birthday party celebrations – an edible flower vase activity involving 18 kids over a 20-minute session. She got my daughter’s friends, ranging in age from 7 years to 45 years (!!!) to assemble crumbled chocolate cake, chocolate ganache, fondant sunflowers, edible stones to create magic…

Boy! Was it a hit! The kids, caught in her spell, took every instruction to the tee, poured the crumbled cake into the pots, squealed at the ganache and flowers and had one helluva time making their own flower pots…the edible types…

And I got what I wanted, a creative, beautiful, meaningful activity for the kids that was in perfect tandem with the party theme!

Meet the Witch

She is Somisra Parker Sengupta, a Powai-based baker, already very popular amongst youngsters and grownups, alike. She holds baking workshops ranging from breads to cakes to cookies and more throughout the year, and has special batches for children during their summer/Diwali/Christmas holidays.

Som Som1

She operates in the name of Sticky Fingerzs. Here’s her contact details:

Phone – 9833065655

Email is –

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