Restaurant Review: O:Cha in Lower Parel, Mumbai

Restaurant Review: O:Cha in Lower Parel, Mumbai

We went for lunch at the Oh Cha in Lower Parel yesterday. Located at the happening Mathurdas Mill compound, it is big, upmarket and has a super enthusiastic staff.

Hungry as we were, since we had come straight from a Flower show, we requested for some non-veg snacks, and were soon served extremely juicy Chicken Rolls, plantain wrapped Gai Hor Bai Toey – chicken wrapped and fried in plaintain stipes and served with a sauce that completely complements it, very good Grilled Fish in Sweet and Sour Sauce, super soft Tofu in a similar Sweet and Sour Sauce and juicy Hakka-style Chicken Balls. While all of these were very very good, we completely fell for their Grilled Prawn Cake served in lemon grass skewers and the Prawn dumplings. If not for anything else, simply drive down for these two and your commute will well be worth it.

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Next came in a salad full of veggies and sprouts and nuts that was not only very refreshing, but also, filling. Perfect for a day when you want to give those carbs a miss. Not today though. For, we went ahead with Thai red curry and rice, and Chicken Nasi Goreng. The Nasi Goreng was extremely good – not heavy on spice, yet with just the right flavours and taste. Despite being full, we scrapped every grain of rice from the bowl. Perfect for kids too, for our daughter, absolutely lapped it up without one complaint of it being too hot for her..

With main course just as good as snacks, and a staff that is so courteous and helpful, Oh Cha has a winner’s formula in place. Saw a whole bunch of youngsters and couples as well as family diners. Looked to me as though the place appeals to every age group. A super place to be in too…I’d love to hop in here for some good drinks and food after office if I worked close by. You must, too…