Restaurant Review: Hunger Pangs in Bandra, Mumbai

The Burger scene in Bandra is very hot. The other day, we hit Hunger Pangs in Bandra’s bustling Hill Road. And got a table! Thank God! For, this was our 3rd try. In the last two attempts, either we didn’t get parking space (it’s Hill Road, after all), or we didn’t get a table. This time round though, we were lucky. And we thanked our stars!!

Another of those tiny joints that cook up a storm and are loved by all, we had a delightful experience right from the start. That’s when the owner offered to help park our car since they don’t offer valet parking. The staff take your orders, serve you, come enquire about the food – all with a smile. We had obviously gone there for burgers – Jayanta, a big-sized one; I, a regular-sized one. And we ordered a plate of Penne Arrabiatta for our daughter, since she can’t manage burgers and often end up making a mess and eating just half.

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We had the Lamb Burgers and boy, were they simply out of the world!!! The Pasta was good too, but tell you what, I’d go back only for the Burgers again. Fantastic lamb cutlets and super soft bread…I almost regretted not ordering the big-sized one. But that’s out of pure greed and not hunger, mind you!

At upwards of Rs 350 per Burger, they are certainly not cheap. But think – you are at Bandra and here is one of the best joints! You wouldn’t mind the bill, really 🙂