Restaurant Review: Sigree Global Grill in Powai, Mumbai

Restaurant Review Sigree in Powai

Had very high expectations from Sigree owing to its pedigree, but afraid, it was somewhat disappointing. What they have achieved in excellent décor, a large seating area in the heart of Hiranandani Gardens,Powai, a good sophisticated crowd, they have lost in both the service and food. Both leaves a lot to be desired.

Starters took ages to arrive and after multiple reminders. Same story with drinks. They got the drinks for half of us while the other half waited. And they were still waiting when we were already down with one drink! They are clearly understaffed to handle peak time diners…

On the food front, they had 8 starters and most of them were served only once!! The staff, both waiting and in the kitchen, were grappling with the people present, had to constantly remind them to get a seconds despite the whole concept of Sigree being ‘unlimited’! For a place that charges a premium over similar ‘concept restaurants’, the quality of service leaves a lot to be desired.

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So does the spread of food — 4 starters are chicken, obviously to save input costs. 2 prawn dishes, for which there are hardly any second helpings, one terrible Basa Tikka and lastly, Mutton Sheekh Kebabs. Secondly, they even fail the taste test — of the 8, only 4-5 are decent, can’t say great.  They have Dimsuns & Sui Mai’s but again only the seafood one was good. The prawn on the skewers were overdone, hard and dry. The pan-fried ones were the only saving grace.

Skipped the main course completely as didn’t find anything interesting. The deserts section was, again, very average. The pan-flavored ice cream was nice. The mousses so-so and the Indian section, very average.

Charges: Mon to Thu Dinner – Non-Veg @ 740++; Veg @ 679++

Am not sure I will be back noting the multitude of options now open in Mumbai. Sigree needs to seriously improve the quality of food and service. The only saving grace is the ambience, but then, in Powai, every restaurant has a good ambience. Why, Chillis and Pizza Express, just ne floor below, is so lovely…and then you have Mia Cucina, Mirchi and Mime just a little ahead…Why go to Sigree which makes you feel that you are not a valued diner?