Restaurant Review: Bombay Barbeque in Thane, Mumbai

Restaurant Review: Bombay Barbeque in Thane, Mumbai

A very very wet Sunday morning, and I was sure I wanted to stay at home, call for some good food, curl up with the Amitabh Ghosh I am reading and later in the day, watch a movie. What a perfect Sunday plan, wasn’t it? But no, Jayanta wanted to brave the rains, head northwards and try our Bombay Barbeque, the newly opened barbeque buffet restaurant in Thane. All for the love of kebabs, barbeques and biryanis!!!

Set out we did, took us under 30 minutes to reach, for Bombay Barbeque is right on the Cadbury junction in Thane. Not a distance at all and the best part was, hardly any traffic. At 1pm that wet Sunday afternoon, there were 3-4 more food enthusiasts like us. We were bowled over by the size of the place – huge by regular Mumbai standards.

A pucca grill and barbeque place, they have the famous chicken-prawn skewers on your table, a huge main course section and another big salad and desserts section. And they have two very novel offerings – live station that makes you a quick snack or puts together a salad, and a chaat section selling paani-puris and an assortment of pakodas. Boy, did I fall for the paani-puris – the most unusual thing to fall for in a barbeque restaurant. My mouth is watering as I write this…wish had a few to devour right now.

Grills on your table include Chicken Tengri, Reshmi Kebabs, Sheekh Kebab, Prawns, Paneer, Mushrooms and Fish. Mention your preference for chillies and spices and they prepare your skewers according to your taste. We also got bowls of Garlic Shrimps and Lamb Shreds from the live counter. Awesome taste. Try also their crunchy corns. You will long for them while watching a movie!!

Main course had an array of items – biryani, Dhania Gosht, Chicken, Paneer, Pulao, a bevy of Chinese items such as noodles and Manchurians. This was over and above the salad, soup and the live counter!! Truly a huge spread. Jayanta took some Biryani, while I settle for Mutton with Roti. Very very tasty…made the Bong’s Sunday that Mutton dish!

Desserts options at the Bombay Barbeque spoil you to the core!! My daughter got a plateful of pastries, mouse and ice-cream, while Jayanta hovered between the pastries and the Basundi. I stuck to my favourites – Phirni and Jalebi with Rabri. Aesome stuff. They even packed two packets of Jalebis for home. As if all those calories at the restaurant wasn’t enough!

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Before I sign off, need to mention that the staff is very very good at the Bombay Barbeque – they go out of their way to ensure you have a good time and eat the food of your choice and taste. They younger ones even break into a jig in the middle of al that hogging. Why! They even asked me if it was a special day in our family that day – birthday, anniversary, etc? When we said No, they were disappointed. They wanted to gift us a cake! And they do that for everyone.

Rates are Rs 850+ for weekday dinners and Rs 1050 over weekend dinners. We felt they were a tad high…but true that their spread is very big….

Perfect place for family or office get-togethers…or even even you are in a good mood to binge…:-)

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