Restaurant Review: Oh Calcutta in Andheri, Mumbai

Restaurant Review Oh Calcutta in Andheri, Mumbai

We were looking for 2-3 pieces of furniture in the furniture market at Goregaon ( Read post on Where To Get Furniture At Best Prices in Mumbai) last Sunday, and never realized how 4 hours flew by in the exploration and negotiations. By the time we managed to wrap up at the shops, it was 2.30pm and we were famished! Headed to Oh Calcutta located almost around the corner.

Now, the last time we had been to Oh Calcutta in Andheri was about 8 years back, during our initial days in Mumbai. Greatly disappointed by their food, we never went back to the place, although the Oh Calcutta Tardeo branch went on to become one of our most favourite restaurants. Last Sunday though, we decided to give it a chance. Hoping that things would have changed in the last 8 years.

And change it did – for it was a bigger place compared to what we had seen in 2007. Dimly lit, Rabindra-sangeet playing in the background, posters of Bengali greats, a book shelf laden with Bengali books – the décor of Oh Calcutta is always so comforting, so homely. You hum along as you read the menu card, as you wait for your meal to arrive, as you eat and much after you have left the place. And the best part was, we saw a familiar face in the staff – one of the most senior staff members was now posted at the Andheri branch. That gave us hope…

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With that, we ordered our favourites – Smoked Hilsa, Kakra-Chingri Bhanpa, Bangali Pulao, Kosha Mangsho and Luchi. These have been our standard at Oh Calcutta for years, and it gave us great happiness to find their Andheri branch make all of the above exactly as per our expectation. Mouth-watering, tasty, awesome. We overate like nobody’s business. And then ordered Nolen Gurer Ice-cream. Ultimate Sunday afternoon meal.

Upon learning that we had returned after 8 years, the staff gifted us a Kheer-Kodombo each too. Pleasantly surprised, we devoured those too. And got back home for a late Sunday noon nap.

Oh yes, we skipped dinner that night! Happily….

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  • VJ Sharma

    I have been to Oh Calcutta in Delhi and liked the food. Few months back, there were some interesting deals and we planned few visits with friends 🙂

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