Restaurant Review — Tonic in Mahalxmi, Mumbai

Restaurant Review -- Tonic in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai

tonic in Mahalaxmi is Mumbai’s newest lounge abr, tucked away in the quiet lane that house Famous Studio, only a stone’s throw from Lower Parel bustling corporate houses. How convenient to drive just ‘round the corner’ for some specially crafted finger food and cocktails. Just what you’d need at the end of that stressful day at work!

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Choose from a whole spread of snacks at Tonic that go so so well with their signature drinks – Veg Mushroom Crostini Platter that was one of the most amazing we had had; Sweet Potato Fritter in Wasabi Mayo that makes potato chips pale into oblivion; Tie Me Up – a most amusing minced paneer wrapped in wanton threads, deep fried and served with chilly garlic sauce – we had not seen or eaten one such before; Assorted Seafood Crostini that had prawns and squid mixed with cheese, topped on a bread and baked – If you do not like too much cheese, request the chef to go easy on the cheese he mixes with the sea-fishes; Spicy Chicken slices Cracked and Crumbled that were good again and goes with heavy drinks; Baby Lamb Chilly, my favourite, that had just the right roast and sauce; a plateful of Soya Ginger Rawas if you love your fish so much; Cracker Jacket Prawn perfectly marinated and served with a heavenly sauce; Chicken Popcorns that are extremely juicy despite being deep fried; Veg Gyoza – a snack that is so exquisite that you will love it not only because it tastes good, but also because it looks so good; Thai spiced Chicken – how many different ways can the Chef present chicken to his patrons in tonic is what you start wondering by the time they serve you the Thai Chicken! Undoubtedly, Tonic caters to every tongue – be it the lover of India spices or the Oriental ones or the subtlety of the European dishes.

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At Tonic, the Chef’s creativity is perfectly complimented by the Bartender’s creativity! We tasted the above-mentioned food with some of the barman’s exclusive creations – Lemon Grass Mojito (yeah! A Thai Mojito); Sour Wishkey, that had lemon, and blended perfectly with some of the spicy snacks; Pomegranate Martini giving the Mumbaikars just the weapon to beat the heat and humidity; Rocky Blue Margarita and more….Of course they have the usual wines and beers and whiskeys….but, we’d beg you to try out their signature cocktails too. One most amusing aspect of their bar is the fact that Tonic serves its drinks in Batli (meaning, one bottle) or Barni (in Jars just right for 2-3 friends) and Balti (you guessed it! In a bucket, for that big group of friends)

Prices appeared to be competitive, considering you are in Mahalaxmi, one of those Mumbai’s topnotch addresses! Most of the snacks are between Rs 300-400; while the drinks drinks are with Rs 400.

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With a jazzy interiors, cool lighting, two huge screens, and comfortable seating, Tonic, as I said earlier, is the best place to unwind and be pampered with good food and drinks. Should you be hungry after all those snacks that you’d have downed with the drinks, you can go upstairs to Auriga for dinner. But, as I mentioned, should you be hungry….

(Jayanta and I were invited to Tonic for a review of their food and drink offerings)