Watch a Maasai Dance in a Maasai Village, Kenya

Tour of a Masai Village in Masai Mara, Kenya

When on the Maasai village tour, the Maasai tribesmen showed us their traditional dance form. The Maasai dance.

The menfolk stood in a semi-circle, with their spears and machetes in their hands, and jumped as they sang their tribal songs. The group leader, or the one who sang best, led the team, while the rest provided the harmony.

Watch the video that we took while they regaled us with their song and dance.

They sang three extremely rhythmic songs – standing and watching them in their own land, with no sign of ‘modern-day’ civilization for miles on end, felt like we had been transported back into time by a time machine. Pristine, innocent, clean – life at its simple best!

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